Saturday, 15 September 2018

New Look Maternity OOTD

Truth be told I’m head over swollen ankles for New Look's maternity range. We mammy’s are spoilt for choice in this years chic collection of winter wardrobe staples. This is my outfit from yesterday which I wore to a 40th birthday party and I was super happy because everyone had commented on my bump.

I would usually fit into a size 12 in regular clothes however I like to dress down a size when it comes to maternity. I’ve ordered a few key pieces from New Look including 2 pairs of jeans and a few tops, all in size 10. 

So far I’ve found that everything come up a little bit big, specially the jeans, well, technically they are jeggings. They look really stylish when on and I highly recommend them, as long as you buy a size or 2 smaller. 

Though, and it’s the same with both pairs of jeans, I reckon I could have gotten away with a size 8 given the fact that I seem to pull them up my legs a quite a few times. Here’s hoping they shrink a little after a few washes to minimise the whole saggy ass ordeal. 

Now that I’ve got that off my shoulders, covering my neck and arms has become an absolute must. Enter the humble turtle neck. I’ve never felt as comfortable while looking the part at at the same time. It’s no surprise I’ll be dipping into my purse until I have one in every colour. Thank goodness pregnancy only lasts 9 months, eh? 

All in all, the whole range is gorgeous and this simple yet effective look has ultimately become my favourite, because let’s face it, I can’t fit into much else. 

If you'd noticed how I hadn't clean my mirror before I took these pics and were happy enough to read on, then first of all, hello and thanks, and second, I hope to see you back here some time soon. I promise I'll have cleaned my mirror next time!


Saturday, 8 September 2018

I'm Showing!

Not only is bump starting to make what I can only call a long-anticipated appearance, to show but I am also beginning to feel tiny little kicks from my tiny little jellybean. A tiny, yet massive, reminder that everything I do, everywhere I go, I am not alone. 

Monday marks week 19 of my pregnancy which means one thing, I’m almost half way there! If that’s not exciting news then I don’t know what is. I remember when I found out, I genuinely thought it would last forever and funnily enough, the time has rolled right in, right underneath my nose, swooping me off my swollen pregnant feet.

Today I am going shopping for some maternity clothes, yissss, and also some much, much needed dental products. More info to follow! Happy Saturday!

PS, you can find my jumpsuit here. It look's lovely on my bump!
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